Lost luggage Explosion Suppression System

Anti-Explosive Blanket


Description:  MATERIAL : Aramid UD Fabric, Outer Cover: Polyester 600D. DESCRIPTION: Total Weight: 29.5 kg. SIZING: Blanket 1600mm ×1600mm . Outer fence: Height:150mm; Internal diameter: 600mm; weight: 5.80kg. Inner fence: Height: 300mm; Internal diameter: 450mm; weight: 11.30kg. VENTING DIAMETER: 300 mm. FEATURES: • Provides protection against explosive damage for people and objects situated near of the centre of the explosion. • Wide application including schools, airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, subways, shopping malls, cinemas and theatres, stadiums and other densely populated public places. Suitable for containing lost luggage until relevant authorities arrive. • Adopt unique double barrier structures, which can effectively withstand a standard 82- 2 grenade (equal to 62g TNT Explosive) • Ultimate tensile strength larger than 1200N in both the weft and the warp. • Tear strength is larger than 1200N in both the weft and the warp.