At Wood Harris we understand our customers requirements for their fabrics, be it a certain colour shade or Pattern, exact details can be matched. Any request to produce Cloth will be completed using our experienced staff from our Mills and Factories throughout the UK, & the world.

Camouflage Cloth

Camo Cloth


Description:  Camouflage Pattern Cloth, Available in any colour, specifically designed and printed to any composition including our exclusive Duracomf advanced fabric with a range of finishes, such as Quick Dry, Anti IR, Anti Bacterail, Anti Static, Anti Moqsuito.


Shirting Cloth.


Description:  Policemans, 65% polyester 35% cotton width 150cms (60" usable width) end/end shirting. Any colour Available.

Uniform Cloth

Uniform Cloth


Description:  Poly Viscose, Poly Wool, Poly Cotton, 100% Wool. Any Style and Colours can be matched. Please contact us with your requirements