Coast Guard & Naval Bouyancy Vest



Description:  DESIGNED FOR: Coast Guard and Navy. BALLISTIC MATERIAL: Aramid UD fabric/Aramid woven fabric PERFORMANCE: NIJ 0101.06 IIIA for .44Magnum SJHP and .357 SIG FMJ FN, upgradeable to NIJ III/IV level by accommodating 10”*12” Hard Armour Plates FEATURES: • Full protection of front, rear, collar, throat, groin. • Combines the ballistic qualities of a tactical vest with the safety and buoyancy features. • The Vest`s floatation remains even when pierced. • Undiminished ballistic performance in water. • Convenient wearing and total flexibility before inflation. • Ensures keeping the seriously wounded body on water surface. • Removable machine washable cover. • Simple fully adjustable Velcro closures, secured by buckle closure. • Waterproof and UV resistant panel carrier. Available in any colour.